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Hotels in Quang Binh
    Sun Spa Resort in Quang Binh

Địa chỉ : My Canh - Bao Ninh - Dong Hoi - Quang Binh province - Vietnam.

Mô tả :

Sun Spa Resort is set in the picturesque Central Vietnam city of Dong Hoi, some 150 kilometers to the North of Imperial city of Hue and on the banks of the legendary of Nhat le river. This idyllic resort is located 30 kilometers from the mystical, UNESCO recognized caves of Phong Nha. Sun Spa Resort provides the ideal location for your perfect getaway in Central Vietnam.

Hạng sao :

   Saigon - Quang Binh Hotel

Địa chỉ : 20 Quach Xuan Ky Str. - Dong Hoi - Quang Binh.

Mô tả :

Room charge is inclusive of welcome drink, buffet breakfast, mineral water in room daily (two bottles), complimentary drink at Lobby Bar, complimentary supper, enjoying traditional music show daily at Garden Bar.

Hạng sao :

   Cosevco Nhat Le Hotel in Quang Binh

Địa chỉ : 16 Quach Xuan Ky Str., Dong Hoi - Quang Binh province - Vietnam.

Mô tả :

The Dong Hoi Cosevco Nhat Le hotel puts great emphasis on hospitality and customer satisfaction which shows in the dedicated hotel staff that is always eager to help and welcomes every question that you might have.

Hạng sao :

   Luxe hotel

Địa chỉ : 55 Truong phap Str., Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province

Mô tả :

Luxe hotel is located by Nhat Le river, with 30 bed rooms, 2 dinning rooms, 1 meeting room and 1 bar on the top floor in the fresh space and well - quipped facilities.

Hạng sao :

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Công ty TNHH Du lịch Xanh Việt
Giấy phép kinh doanh lữ hành Quốc tế số: 46-010/2014/TCDL - GPLHQT

Đ.c: 180 Phan Chu Trinh - TP Huế, Việt Nam.
Đt: (84.234) 3882678 - 3931669. Fax: (84.234) 3882688

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