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TOUR HÈ 2018
Secret Garden Restaurant

  It is our pleasure to introduce you to a new and exciting concept in hospitality and entertainment in the ancient town of Hoi An (World heritage Site, UNESCO 1999). We have gathered the traditional gastronomy and the art and culture of Vietnam in a very special environment. We have called this unique experience Secret Garden.

Located in a privileged garden in the heart of Hoi An, our customers will enjoy a perfect blend of Vietnamese charm and international standards in service and hygiene. Having made these goals our personal commitment, we have opened our kitchen to the public eye and made our premises fully accessible for the handicapped.


At Secret Garden, Hoi An visitors can expect the highest interpretation of traditional Vietnamese cuisine accompanied by traditional live music performed by the most reputed musicians in town. All completed with permanent exhibitions from local artists. Our aim is to promote Hoi An and Vietnam art and culture to an international audience.

Discover a surprising, unexpected place, and take with you an unforgettable piece of Hoi An.

Open from 08:00 until 24:00.

Address: Passage 60 Le Loi, Hoi An, Vietnam

Tel: +84.510.3911112 / 2212640. Mobile: +84.913.985252 / 905.600176


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Công ty TNHH Du lịch Xanh Việt
Giấy phép kinh doanh lữ hành Quốc tế số: 46-010/2014/TCDL - GPLHQT

Đ.c: 180 Phan Chu Trinh - TP Huế, Việt Nam.
Đt: (84.234) 3882678 - 3931669. Fax: (84.234) 3882688

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