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TOUR HÈ 2018
Royal Meal
(Mã tour: GTS 04 - 1920 lần xem)

Thời gian: Daily Service

                           Đặt tour


 Just imagine that you are the King, beside you is the Queen accompanied by tens of servants. All wear traditional royal clothes. All the served food is royal including dishes reminding dragon, phoenix, or peacock. They look so nice but taste even better.

Another crucial feature of Royal dinner is a ceremony with a lot of interesting rules. Before the first drink for the King health, there is a short speech made by servant chief. Everyone has to say "Van tue" (10 thousand year) to wish the King a long life. The best royal music and dance will be performed by artists coming from Hue conservatory. Nothing better than enjoy a delicious food while listening to melodious music and having a feeling of being the King. That’s why, Royal dinner is a must for those who come to Hue.It is said that King Tu Duc who ruled from 1848 to 1883 lived a life of truly imperial luxury: at every meal, 50 chefs prepared 50 dishes served by 50 servants and 50 artists to play music and dance. Royal meal became a kind of special talk (story) in cultural life of Vietnam.



1. Phoenix of Appertizer.

2. Lotus Seed Soup.

3. Steamed King Praw on Dragon Boat.

4. Rice Patties Filled with Shrimps.

5. Fried Squids.

6. Grilled Duck.

7. Sauteed Mixed Vegetables.

8. Grilled Fermented Pork Hash.

9. Salty Braised Fish in Earthen Pot.

10. Fried Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf.

11. Phu The Pastry + Seasonnal Fruit.


        02 pax       :  70$/pax.

        03 pax       :  50$/pax

        04 – 05 pax:  40$/pax.

        06 – 10 pax:  30$/pax.

        11 – 15 pax:  25$/pax.

        16 – 30 pax:  20$/pax.

        31 pax up   :  18$/pax.

Including: Royal clothes; Royal meal; Hue Royal Folksong; mandarin and servants.



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